Our staff and board of directors are dedicated to bringing the organization's mission and vision to fruition, working tirelessly with the community to create something truly unique and meaningful for all women in BC.

MISSION: With an emphasis on inclusive feminism and allyship, we offer exceptional professional and personal development for all women.

VISION: A society where all women feel represented and empowered by feminism.


  • Diversity and Inclusivity:  Anyone who identifies as a woman is the face of FACE (we are transgender and non-binary inclusive).  We recognize injustice and oppression occur on a multidimensional basis.  We do not expect to be educated by people representing identities we want to support and will research systems of oppression on our own; however, we welcome all to collaborate in our education programs. When learning to support our communities, collaborating with those with diverse identities of race, gender, social class, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, ability, etc., offer context and a better understanding of social inequality. Collaboration fosters deeper allyship and the support of a shared feminism.

  • Respect: We value seasoned academics as much as we do those who are new to feminism.  Every question, idea or belief is worth discussing if the intention is to learn about feminism and supporting women.

  • Safety: While we encourage freedom of expression, we also honour the very real threat many feel when confronted with certain words or images.  We strive to avoid censorship, while continually aiming to create safe spaces.

  • Support:  Discrimination is a current reality many women face professionally and personally.  Awareness of your legal rights, tools to fight injustice, and support for those who have faced discrimination is a cornerstone of FACE BC.