Unique.  Inclusive.  Challenging.  FACE BC's professional and personal workshops, events and conferences are very different than the other options for continuing education in North America.   

FACE Your Career - Annual Women's Conference

While the topics may sound familiar, FACE BC's approach  incorporates intersectional research of oppression into our understanding of career challenges.  Our participants will gain a deeper knowledge of the adversity they face in the workplace, how to advocate for change, while also learning practical skills.  No other conference will teach you to organize your email inbox and be a feminist ally in the same day!

FACE Your Life Workshops

FACE BC workshops bring women together for a delicious meal and inspiring discussion. We currently offer two workshops, FACE Self Doubt and FACE Your Professional and Personal Relationships.


Friends & Feminism

When we were kids, we had opportunities for friends, fun, creativity and education available to us everyday.  FACE BC wants to recreate these opportunities with our Friends & Feminism events!  Parties, crafting, movie nights - so much fun!