Top 5 VIFF Films We Can't Wait to See!

Written by Amanda Huettner

Vancouver International Film Festival kicks off today!  There are dozens of incredible women directed and feminist films to choose from, so we combed through and selected our Top 5 Can’t Wait to See VIFF films!


When we think of Hedy Lamarr, most of us probably picture the black haired, dark eyed Hollywood star of the 1940s.  But did you know she was also a literal genius, inventor and sex positive provocateur?

From helping Howard Hughes figure out aerodynamics, to simulating the first female orgasm on film, to inventing torpedo navigation systems and the blueprint for wifi and bluetooth technology - Hedy Lamarr seemed to live multiple lives during her 85 years on this planet.


This dramatic film touches on many themes we can relate to: disability, aging, chronic illness, queerness, and caring for our parents as their health deteriorates.  Writer and director Kathleen Hepburn has been praised as the one to watch, and this film is rumoured to be an incredible achievement in storytelling.


This documentary features a group of fierce, passionate women determined to reclaim the Alutiiq language in Kodiak, Alaska.  Filmed over 5 years, it intertwines the stories of local young people and elders, community issues and initiatives, oral history and folklore, to tell an important story of cultural reclamation and resistance.


A dramatic film with a trans woman protagonist starring...A TRANS WOMAN!  More of this, please, Hollywood!

After the loss of her cis-gendered partner, a grief stricken Marina must negotiate an oppressive medical and legal system as well as her partner’s hateful family.  A reminder that the sympathy and support most of us receive when a loved one passes is something we shouldn’t take for granted.


And finally, the film we are most excited about!  Mina Shum directed one of our favourite movies, Double Happiness, which also starred Sandra Oh, one of our favourite actors - and these two are back together again for Meditation Park.  Did we mention it takes place in East Van?  Cultural expectations, cheating husbands, sexual exploration, and the ridiculous illegal lawn parking during the PNE - this film has it all!

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